MOT fail suspension - dust covers

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hi everyone again,my cat is fine .
had mot only failed on front anti roll bar dust covers and and ball joint dust covers.
is this an easy job to to.
the garage said it would be easier to replace the wishbone and roll bar arms and quoted me over £200 .
is this true or can i just buy the dust covers for £5 and replace them myself.
just to let you all know i am getting the cam belt checked out soon ,so i will let you know if thats whats wrong with the car.
this is the only thing left to do so it must be that.
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mot only failed on front anti roll bar dust covers and and ball joint dust covers.
The anti-roll bar doesn't have a dust cover, but the connecting link bars (drop links) do, so I guess this is what you mean. The connecting link bars are quite easy to change, if you are going to take them off to change the covers, you may as well just change the bars, as at 98000 miles the ball joints under the covers may be getting a bit worn.

These are the Anti rollbar links (links to Amazon)
At £20 a pair, not a bad price. How much would the dust covers cost?

There is a picture of the top mounting point of the anti-roll bar 'drop link' in this forum post The other end is connected to the anti-roll bar.

ball joint dust covers
If its the lower ball joint, and you are going to strip the suspension down to replace the dust cover, it doesn't take much more time to change the whole ball joint, and again at 98000 miles, this isn't a bad thing at all. Its not too difficult to do, but as with all suspension jobs you need to know which parts are under stress before slackening fixings to avoid danger to yourself.

Lower ball joints for a C3 are available here at Euro Car Parts site

This is what a lower ball joint on the C3 looks like.
lower ball joint on a Citroen C3
lower ball joint on a Citroen C3

The lower ball joint is attached to the control arm (like the old fashioned lower wishbones). You have a choice to change the whole control arm (with ball joint and the 2 bushes) which the garage would consider 'easier' (takes less time) because you don't need to separate the ball joint from the arm, but it may be more expensive as you are also purchasing 2 control arms and the bushes. Why 2 control arms? - well, with suspension, if you change one side, you should change the other side to keep the sides balanced (like brakes).

The complete lower control arm assembly is here available on Amazon. Notice the 2 bushes and the ball joint on each arm.

If you are going to do the job yourself, familiarise yourself with which suspension parts are under tension before undoing an bolts. You will probably need a Quality T40 Torx (from eBay) to get the original citroen connecting links (drop links) off

and a can of penetrating oil applied liberally to threads an hour or more before trying to remove any suspension components.

The Haynes Manual for the Citroen C3 (here) is also very useful.
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