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I have been getting error message "INFO FAULTY" followed by a list of various lights constantly while driving for the past few months.

It began by warning me about the "LH REAR BRAKE INFO FAULTY" for the first couple of weeks and then it became a list of other lights too including "INDICATOR", "FOGLIGHT", "DIPPED BEAM" etc. This is now happening at least every five minutes while I am driving, however none of the lights seem to actually be affected, except for the lefthand indicator which will intermittently click at double the normal speed (but this is only happening while I am on the road so it's very hard to see whether it is affecting the actual indicator flashing frequency).

After looking this up, people mentioned corrosion on the rear left hand bulb socket so I took the Rear Left Lamp Unit off and ensured there was no visible damage or dampness. I sprayed some solvent on the cables with should remove any moisture present. The beeping went away for a while but after a fortnight it returned and has been getting worse.

I also have been having an issue with the engine cutting out on my as I am slowing down. This probably happens once a week BUT yesterday it happened 3 times in an hour and today it happened while I was driving, merging onto a road at 35kmph.

Basically what will usually happen is I am approaching a junction, going down the gears. Once I hit 2nd, I then press down the clutch again as I come in the bring the car to a halt. The car will basically cut out entirely while the clutch is fully engaged. Most of the time I don't even realise it until I take off again or I notice the power steering is gone. There's no jolt or anything, the rev counter just falls entirely to 0. Today was particularly scary because I was slowing down getting off a bypass due to a tight bend and the car just died. I had to restart the ignition while still rolling to avoid an accident. Could this cutting out issue be related?

Just for further info, I only had the battery replaced recently due to this type of cut out issue but where it wouldn't start again at all after. I also need to gently touch the accelerator to actually get the car started after it's been sitting parked for several hours. Could these issues all be related?

Please let me know if further information or photos are required.
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piratezilla wrote:I have been getting error message "INFO FAULTY" followed by a list of various lights constantly while driving for the past few months.
Its the rear cluster socket poor connection on the earth, there is a fix for this fault, very kindly explained by the contributors here - Multiple light system faults displaying on dashboard - FIX. It would be worth doing this mod even if its just to prove the fault is the connector.
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