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My Name: Smuggit

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My daughter has just bought a C3 - about six years old I think - but the interior light is totally different to the one described in the handbook. Instead of three buttons it only has one central button, and this is really an on/off switch. It doesn't come on and off when the doors open either, which is really irritating.

It has air con and various other toys, so doesn't seem to be a very base model - I think it's called Desire. I can't believe it doesn't have a proper courtesy light function, but then can see no switch on the doors themselves.

Can anyone help?

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Hi Jon,

If the interior light looks like this:
Citroen C3 interior light, one button
Citroen C3 interior light, one button
Then its a 3 way rocker switch.

Permanently On, Permanently Off and On/Off with the doors

This is found on the newer shape C3 without the full length windscreen.

If the light doesn't work, maybe you need a new C3 Interior Lamp

You won't find a traditional door switch on a C3.
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My Name: Smuggit

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Many thanks - but the button is actually not a rocker switch in our case - we tried it. It is simply a plunger push button. It works, but when it lights I can see no other lights within it. I will try and get a photo in due course, but any other thoughts welcome! The unit does look very like the one in your photo, but my suspicion is that it is for another vehicle. This seems odd as the previous owner had it serviced by main agents, but who knows?
My Name: omarsmith

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Hi smuggit - the only thing I could reasonably suggest would be to try replacing the bulb inside the fixture, which, if it is an original C3 light, should be a "W5W" (also known as a 501) bulb - this is the same bulb as is used for the two numberplate lights and the sidelights.

For the 2002-2009 variants, the C3 uses the same part as a 2000-2008 Peugeot 307. I'm under the impression that if you wanted to change out the fixture in your daughter's car for an original part it would be a five-minute job - you can buy it new on eBay or look for the relevant part yourself.

Hope this gives you some pointers in the right direction - if you'd like me to post any images of how my interior light is assembled (ie. the screws to be undone and what the power plug looks like) let me know and I'll put some up (I've got a 2002 model which should make it relevant to any C3 manufactured before 2009).
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