how do I get to the Maxi fuses on the early 1.4 petrol?

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Hi, how do I get to the Maxi fuses on the early 1.4 petrol? I have read the posts on this but I cannot lift the fuse board high enough to get to them. It seems that these Maxi fuses are attached to the upper board and the wiring to them from the base prevents me lifting without straining the loom.

Suggestions gratefully received.

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Hi patt,

P1darbs has written the instructions that appear in questions-about-a-citroen-c3-not-relate ... t3185.html for access to the maxi fuses. (its on the second page). I have quoted them below to make it easy.
P1darbs wrote:In the engine bay, passenger side or on the right when looking in to the engine bay, you'll find the fuse box tucked away under the inner wing.
Disconnect the battery before doing anything!! TAKE MY ADVICE ON THAT.
now after removing the fuse box cover you'll see. A tray of fuses & multi connectors.
Remove all the connectors by first pulling the red toggles & lifting. Then tuck them safely either side of the battery tray.
Now you'll need a 13mm DEEP socket and ratchet... Remove the black wire connected to the front side of the fuse box,
Now here's the tricky bit... You'll need a flat blade screwdriver to lever the fuse tray out of the box.
The TRAY clips into place at each side closest to you & furthest from you as you look from the front of the car.
Once you have removed this tray you can closely inspect each fuse then just put it to one side.
Now you will have exposed 5 or six wires coming into a fuse block! At the bottom of the fuse box.
Here I found one of the large 30 amp fuses popped! Simply replace and refit your fuse tray in the reverse procedure of removal!
Ensure you have refitted everything before reconnecting the battery.

I hope this helps someone in the future! But hope you don't have this issue in the first place!
The fuse is £2:79p from Halfords. As they are large 29mm wide fuses sometimes known as Mega or Maxi fuses. But may only be £1 from your local spares shop if they've got them. eBay £1:50p

If you manage to get some photos of the maxi fuse box, that would be a great addition to the information we already have :)
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My Name: patt

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Thanks for that.
Yes, I did see the post you mentioned but unfortunately that is not how mine is! Levering off the top board sounds easy but, as I mentioned, it was not possible to lift it more than an inch or so due to the wires lower down holding it. I expected the top to come off leaving the maxi fuses in the base-- but it's not like that.
These fuses are attached to the underside of the top board and held down by their wires from the loom underneath. Only so much tugging is advisable so I am stumped.
There has to be a trick here, otherwise they are inaccessible. And no, the Haynes manual does not help!

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