Have main beams but no dipped beam.

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My Name: mike116

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Hi, hope someone can help or give me advice.
Used the car last night and dip beams worked fine. Went out in car today in daylight and heard a beep from dashboard but thought nothing of it as everything was working ok. Went out to use car tonight and had to use my front fog lights to see as my dips won't come on. Main beam works fine as do indicators and wipers etc, just not the dip beam. I'm now wondering if the beep had something to do with something going wrong under the dashboard. Is there a fuse for both sides or are they individual fuses. Is there a relay that controls the dip beam side of things, helpppppp pleez.
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My Name: Arfur Dent

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Hello mike116

I don't know which model varient of C3 you have, but here goes..

Have you tried pressing and holding the button on the tip of the left stalk? This engages and disengages the auto lights function (on some models) and makes the beep that you describe - thats BSI computer related.

There is a relay in the engine fuse box that is involved with the front lights and

Fuse F9 (15A) and Fuse F10 (15A) are the 2 dipped beam fuses

This forum post has pictures of the fuse box locations: Citroen C3 fuse box locations (where are the fuse boxes on a Citroen C3 topic)

On the BSI (Fuse box in the glove box) there are fuses

F4 (20A) and F14 (10A)

That are connected to the stalk control.

Or you could have blown H7 12v 55W Bulb

replace lamp on a Citroen C3
replace lamp on a Citroen C3

Fitting new lamps is not a job to be taken on lightly (topic here).
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