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Hey guys i have a 2006 citroen c3 1.4 HDi 8v with 96000km on and been having this issue for a while. :?

The problem is the clutch sometimes slips and sometimes shudders sometimes its 100%. It happens even if im just driving normal from first to third gear as the gears go up it slips and or shudders less. What i have noticed is the clutch is engaging right at the end and baleive that the clutch is not engaging fully. Is there a way to adjust the cable so the clutch takes in the middle? Im hoping that this will solve my issue
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Is there a way to adjust the cable so the clutch takes in the middle?
No, its a hydraulic clutch, no cable and not adjustable.

If you have air in the hydraulic system (same as the brakes), you may get problems, but more likely, the clutch is worn.

have a look at ... -t694.html
and ... m-t98.html
not very encouraging :cry:
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It is possible that your clutch is getting oil from either the engine or gearbox on the flywheel / friction plate and this causes it to judder and slip now and then, but whatever causes it, unless it's a fault in the operating hydraulics, it will need the gearbox out to investigate whats going on.

Anyone who went that far in would replace the clutch as a kit anyway IE- Coverplate, friction disc and release bearing.

All C3 clutches seem to have their biting point right up at the top of the pedal, it's just how self adjusting hydraulic sysems are, the usual signs of wear are juddering, strange noises and clutch slip.
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