Central Locking only works in the car.

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Engine name: TU3 (75 PS)


Hi Folks,
I have a problem with the remote central locking.
I've tried most things on the forum posts so far, and it does work when I'm in the car or occasionally with the key fob right by the drivers window.

(I have also discovered that occasionally you can activate it by turning the key a 2nd Time in the driver's door.

I've seen a few posts asking if it works close to the barrel, but can't find the reply with what to do if it does.

I have replaced the batteries in both key fobs.

What's do I need to do next?

Thanks in advance :)
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Hi Steviebabes

You have a problems when using either key and got new batteries in both, so this would be fair to rule out a key problem.

The other part of the key to car communication via radio frequency is the COM2000 unit and this is where it gets a bit difficult and I think people give up here.

This would explain why there is no follow-up on changing the COM2000 and sorting the 'Central Locking only works in the car' problem.

The other thing common to both keys is the environment, there may be something affecting the radio transmission, but this is easily tested by moving the car to a different location.
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