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My Name: chocnutcookie

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Probably sounds a little dumb but is it possible to change the background colour on the digital display on an 05 reg C3? Hubbie bought me a replacement radio for christmas but the display is blue and the dashboad displays in the car (of which there is a vast expanse!) are orange which looks a little weird.

Only advice have been able to get so far is get a different radio - don't want to upset hubbie by swapping his pressie and to be honest not many out there with orange display that meet all the other specs I need - or "strip the dashboard display and remove the orange plastic and replace with blue which you will need to make yourself". Know very little about the technicalities but was under the (obviously mistaken impression) the display related to bulbs not bits of plastic?

Please help make my C3 pretty again!

Many thanks
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Hi chocnutcookie

I think the suggestion about changing the plastic is referring to an orange filter that turns the white light from the lamp into orange light. You need to remove the filter and change the colour of it to change the colour of the light. (you can't buy these things, hence the suggestion to make one yourself).

I think the display unit has orange LEDs inside, so changing the filter won't work, but its worse as you will need to change the LEDs. The display units are sealed and you are not going to be able to change the colour of the display with ease or even a little difficulty, its going to be a pain.

Different versions of the C3 have different displays fitted, so this may explain the variations in explanations, but its not good news either way.

Some stereos have the option to change the colour, you can find this in the manual or in the menu of the radio. This could well be the easier option to change the radio to orange.
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Hi chocnutcookie, its been a while, but I think you may be interested in this post in the tips section about changing the colour of the display on the dashboard.

this is a link to it :) ... -t477.html
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