2002 HDi SX - Front wipers not working

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Model: C3 2002-2005, Original shape model
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Engine name: TU3 (75 PS)
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big_jon27 wrote: The Citroen guy said there are no relays and it`s all one piece?
I think what he means is that there are no user replaceable relays and that citroen don't sell relays to fit the fuse box. And 'it all one piece' means its not designed to be opened and have bits changed in it. But, why would you junk a perfectly good fuse box for the sake of replacing an internal component? - only for profit, to save time or due to a lack of expertise. I have not had a look inside the fuse box, but there is a relay listed in the parts (40) 6547 TX - GREEN RELAY.
engine bay fuse box.
engine bay fuse box.
(15) is a relay box, (13) is the mysterious maxi fuse box, (10) is the fuse board,

You may not even be able to replace the relay, but at least you can test it and prove it is or isn't faulty before digging deep into your pocket and buying a whole new fuse box.
big_jon27 wrote:So is it the relay in the bottom of the fuse box?
If you get 12v to earth on each side of the fuse, then the next likely problem according to my interpretation of the diagram is the relay in the fuse box. You said you could hear clicking, which is a clue to a relay being present. So Citroen can't supply a relay, but Siemens designed the units and they may have been made by Siemens or TRW. I am sure you can find a relay that does the job.

If its not the relay, then there may be a burnt connection or damaged fuse board, you will need to get the fuse box out to dig deeper, whatever happens.

This is a picture of the fuse box that's found in a 2002 shape car, note the hole on the bottom right, it looks like a mounting hole, but maybe its something else.
Engine bay fuse box - c3
Engine bay fuse box - c3
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