Pluriel won't start after clucth change

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Hi I have a Citroen C3 Pluriel with Sensodrive gearbox. I changed the clutch and when I tried to start it won't start
the screen shows that the car is in neutral . When I release the brake pedal and the key the snowflake with the auto
is blinking. Anyone has an idea how to make it start or what might be the problem?
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geo5000 wrote: Wed Aug 28, 2019 3:40 pm snowflake with the auto is blinking.
Hi geo5000

This snowflake is a generic sensodrive error and you will need lexia to read the actual code that caused the snowflake.
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Unfortunately there could be a lot of things that it could be but I’ll pretend I’m Sherlock Homes.

I will make the assumption that the sensodrive system was working before you changed the clutch?

The only thing you would have disturbed that belongs to the sensodrive would be the clutch actuator. So we’ll assume the failure is to do with the clutch actuator. Assuming it was working before the clutch change we’ll say the actuator is serviceable. Which leaves a failure in alignment. Or disturbing the electrical plug or wiring.
You can check the plug for correct fit or if there is corrosion or some other failure. Check the wiring for damage

The system expects the actuator arm to be in a certain position at any point in time. If it’s not it will throw up a failure and potentially prevent the car from starting.
Before the actuator is removed it needs to be ‘set’. That is, retracted to a fixed position. This resets the clutch ware compensator. To do this you need a LEXIA. I assume that wasn’t done? Failure to do this will cause the ware compensator to go to the fully extended position (on removal of the actuator) and there will be little movement left in the actuator when it’s reinstalled.
However setting the actuator can be done mechanically but it requires opening the actuator. There are a number of videos on Youtube about setting the actuator so I won’t go into that.

“By the book” the actuator can only be removed and installed using a LEXIA and a special alignment tool.

I have not done this myself but I believe if you mechanically set the actuator and install the actuator back onto the clutch fork with 3mm added travel then reset the sensodrive gearbox (using the instructions in the owner’s manual) it is possible to install the actuator without a LEXIA.
If you did not set the actuator before installation the ware compensator will be too long for a new (unworn) clutch and the actuator will not be able to cycle to its full extent and the gearbox ECU will throw up an error and again potentially preventing the car from starting.

Without further input from you, that’s all I can suggest the problem might be.
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