is this video relevant?

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Think: Auto not changing up or down, snowflake/sport flashing, flappy paddles, actuator fault and sensodrive not changing gear.
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bidderman1969 wrote:right, this is really confusing me now.

my sensodrive box has that dreaded flashing snowflake and "N" symbols, so is repairing it all to do with the "electrovalves", and nothing to do with the guide show, as thats a fully auto version? or is it basically the same way to fix it?

<<<< "confused"
You are confused!!

You are mixing up the automatic gear box found in the C3 which is a fully automatic PNDR type box and the semi automatic assisted manual gear box called the sensodrive found in the C3.

The tool in the picture is for the fully automatic gear box that has electrovalves, brakes and clutches inside. Sport and snowflake indicate a fault on this gearbox and you need to read the code with lexia tool to diagnose. Although electrovalves are a commom fault, they are not the only fault.

The gear box you mention you have is the sensodrive. Its a standard type of manual gearbox with a electromechanical gear selector and a solenoid for the clutch activation. It has to be noted that this gearbox has a clutch just like the ones found in the manual gearbox and the box is nothing like the fully automatic AL4, but is much more similar to a manual gearbox with some additions that can be see in the picture above.
Faults are indicated by flashing snowflakes and the fault can be diagnosed with lexia tool. Common faults are worn clutches, but this is not the only fault they can have.
bidderman1969 wrote:aye, i've read that article quite a few times, good article it is too, thumbs up from me for that, but when i saw the part where it was put back together, it showed the tool he made up?
Yes, good article, but not relevant in any way to the sensodrive.
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yup, i've messed up then, bugger

now have electrovalves i don't need, d'oh :(

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