Fitting a Mini Cooper clutch to a C3 sensodrive??

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Hi all, first post :) and this one is going to get technical. Car is a 2003 C3 1.6 Sensodrive and now I've sorted its software issues the clutch is slipping. Might have something to do with my driving style *blushes* but time to think about chainging it (130k km on the clock - original clutch).

I've done plenty of research, and knowing that they share the same basic gearbox with the 2002 - 2004 Mini Cooper (non-S) things get interesting. I have a Cooper clutch and flywheel (long story) and it reads the same as the Citroen clutch - 200mm disc, 21mm x 18T plate etc etc etc. The numbers are looking good.

Question is, has anyone tried fitting a Cooper clutch to a Citroen?
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Hi dsakko, welcome to the forum.

My advice is find the part number of the clutch you have and see if it cross references with the citroen equivalent. If the part numbers check out, you have a match.
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