automatic, intermittent service - gearbox fault.

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Think: Auto not changing up or down, snowflake/sport flashing, flappy paddles, actuator fault and sensodrive not changing gear.
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clairebal36 wrote: Wed Jan 20, 2021 11:22 am Vin attached
Thank you.

I have replied above, it looks like the sensodrive robot 5 speed gearbox

There is a notice on that VIN for a safety recall that has not yet been carried out.
It would be advisable to contact your local Citroen approved dealer to check your VIN or a recall notice.
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Ok I will look into safety recall.

Was hoping was semi auto lol
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Did you mean fully auto box. The sensodrive IS a semi-auto.

Well the good news is that you can try the gearbox reset.

If you go back a few posts you will see a link to Jim Butterworth’s website. I recommend you have a look.

The reset is reasonably complicated but the gist of it is:

Close all the doors and windows but open the bonnet, wait 60 seconds (see below). Remove the battery + terminal, wait a few seconds. Re-attach the +ve wait 60 seconds. Turn the ignition on (don’t start the engine). Look at the dash and see if the gear indicator is a “-“(no number). If not, turn the ignition off and repeat the above steps until you get a -. Turn the ignition off. Get in, put your foot on the brake (and press down) and turn the ignition on (don’t start the engine). At this point the gearbox should click and clack for about 30 seconds (keep your foot on the brake). If it only clicks and clacks for a few seconds…repeat the whole lot again!! It’s got to be for a good 30 seconds. At the end of the reset the dash will show a number or ‘N’ and it will stop making noise.

One important thing about removing the battery, you need to have the car ‘closed up’, that is the doors and windows closed BUT DO NOT LOCK THE CAR!!! The cars electronics do some “housekeeping” after you close all the doors and you need to let it do this before removing the battery terminal. Hence all the waiting 60 seconds stuff. After you have reconnected the battery terminal you will need to reset stuff like the date/time and the radio stations.

Good luck.
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