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Model: C3 2002-2005, Original shape model
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Hi all, this is my first post, I have just bought an 03 C3 (1.4 8v efi engine) with the tiptronic (?) type automatic transmission (the one you select Drive or push the shifter across and tap up or down to change). The car is well overdue for a service so I am going over the entire mechanicals, now I am up to the Auto. I have the fluid and filter kit and ask if there are any tricks or things I need to know about when doing the service. ie filter location and re-filling proceedure. any advice or link to diagram geatly appreciated, cheers JR
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Welcome to the forum JR

The flappy paddle - sensodrive C3. Its the standard MA gearbox but with an electronically operated clutch.

Haynes says the later MA gearbox is sealed for life and doesn't need its oil changed. But yours being an early model you will probably have the drain and fill points.

Draining the gearbox oil is quicker if the oil is warm, so do it after a short run.

This picture hopefully can show you the oil filler point (A) and the drain plug (9).

I had to add point (A) because it doesn't appear on later gearbox pictures. Plug (A) is just below the transmission end cover bolt.

If you can get some photos of the filler and drain points or anything else you find on the way, they are always appreciated.
MA5 citroen c3 gearbox drain and fill
MA5 citroen c3 gearbox drain and fill
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