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Help with sourcing, buying, installing and using Lexia, Diagbox and OBD2 for a Citroen C3.
Diagbox or Lexia errors, software and hardware problems.
OBD2 Bluetooth and apps, laptops and software.
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Questions regarding installing and using Lexia, Diagbox or OBD2 for the Citroen C3

No camera photos, please use ONLY SCREENSHOT captures on Lexia or Diagbox

OBD2 may use camera photos.

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bidderman1969 wrote:wonder if this might solve the problem?????
You could be right, its a different set of DVDs, yours were damaged in some way with the CRC errors and odd error messages about corrupt files.

It come with instructions to install and use !! that has to be worth the £10 or so they are asking :)

You will have to assume your hardware box (the actia box) is compatible with 7.82 diagbox, but I suppose there is one way to find out and that would be to install it.
Our instruction is in English.

We also provide ISO image reader – software which needs to be installed in order to run diagbox. You do not need to look for this program on line.

Version 7.82 is compatible WITH: windows XP, VISTA, 7 and 8 (They need to be 32 bit)
English instructions would be a help :lol:

This is the link to it on the UK ebay site (here).
install Diagbox instructions.
install Diagbox instructions.
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