How do I take a screen shot of Lexia or Diagbox?

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Questions regarding installing and using Lexia, Diagbox or OBD2 for the Citroen C3

No camera photos, please use ONLY SCREENSHOT captures on Lexia or Diagbox

OBD2 may use camera photos.

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To capture the screen in Lexia or Diagbox you can use the Windows XP/Vista/7 screen capture

To active the screen grab, press

ALT and Prt SC at the same time together while the screen you wish to capture is in focus.

Nothing seems to happen, but carry on..

Then open Paint (from accessories) and paste into paint.

Your image will appear and you can then 'Save as' a .JPG (Jpeg)

see how to attach pictures to attach the saved image to a forum topic.

Doing a screen grab or screen shot of lexia or diagbox can save a lot of typing and lets the readers know exactly what you see.

There is also an option in Lexia and Diagbox to save a screen shot.
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