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Help with sourcing, buying, installing and using Lexia, Diagbox and OBD2 for a Citroen C3.
Diagbox or Lexia errors, software and hardware problems.
OBD2 Bluetooth and apps, laptops and software.
No car questions here, just the diagnostics equipment
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Questions regarding installing and using Lexia, Diagbox or OBD2 for the Citroen C3

No camera photos, please use ONLY SCREENSHOT captures on Lexia or Diagbox

OBD2 may use camera photos.

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The admins moved and combined your queries on the same subject to the most relevant spot, in this case the LEXIA and diagbox area. It's best to think of posts in respect of future members searching for answers. If you ask a relevant question in one area but you get an answer in another area it's hard for future members to see if you got an answer to your query. Don't take it personally, after all, that's why the admins are here. :D

Unfortunately the scan tool we use (the hardware is called Proxia and software is called LEXIA or diagbox) is a knock off. Meaning it's not an official product (pirated if you will). So both the software and hardware than reliable! So the best you can do is try and muddle your way through it and get as much advice as you can. The software seems to be the same as everyone gets, it's just whether your computer will run it or not. Unfortunately the hardware is a bit more random. It's possible to get dodgy hardware out of the box. I personally had one that would only read ECU's on the CAN BUS, I.E. the engine ECU the gearbox ECU and the BSI...and that's it! I got a new one and voila! All's good.

Just keep at it and keep asking questions.
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