How do I post a question on the forum?

A section with information on how to use the forum. Adding images, quoting text, topic notifications and instructions. Stop here before your first post :)
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How do I use the C3 forum?

Information on how to use the forum. No Citroen C3 questions here please
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A guide to posting a question on the forum

1. Read the rules and follow them.
Read the rules and follow them
Read the rules and follow them
(An example of the rules that appear above each forum)

2. When you have selected the correct forum that is most relevant to your question, click the 'NEWTOPIC*' button or the 'Post a new topic' button on mobile.
Start a New Topic button
Start a New Topic button
new-topic-button.png (2.02 KiB) Viewed 656 times
Post a new topic on mobile
Post a new topic on mobile
(This button appears if you have permission to ask a question)

3. Enter a Subject: for your Question. Make it relevant and precise. This will become the title that visitors see first.
Choose a relevant Subject
Choose a relevant Subject
(e.g. 'Help !!' is a poor choice of a subject,


'Will not start but goes click click when I turn the key' is a good choice if this is what your C3 does)

Do not add 'Citroen C3...' to your title, they are all Citroen C3 problems around here 8-)

If you fail to follow these instructions you may find your post is delayed in processing due to overloading the work for the moderators.

4. Add detail to the Question in the 'Message body:' area.
Add detail to your Question by adding text to the Message body: area
Add detail to your Question by adding text to the Message body: area
Good detail will include a list of work already attempted, more detail of the problem including when, where or how often the problem arises.

If you think a picture would help explain, please add them to the question. CLICK HERE to Read the topic on 'How to attach images to the forum'.

Please note that there is a policy of 'one question per topic'. If you fail to follow this policy you may find your posts are edited, delayed or rejected depending on the workload of the moderation team at the time.

5a. If you want to see what your new question will look like (without making it permanent), press the 'Preview' button to see a preview of your question.
Preview button
Preview button
preview.png (4.74 KiB) Viewed 656 times
(A preview is a good idea to proof read your question. You can now also add more detail, a picture, or anything that may help)

5b. If you are happy with your preview, click the 'Submit' button to make the question permanent on the forum and allow it to receive replies that you can also reply to.
Submit button
Submit button
submit.png (5.03 KiB) Viewed 656 times
(You read and followed the topic rules right? then sit back and wait for email notifications of replies to your question, please check back and follow-up on the replies).

Have you tried searching for similar symptom or behaviour? Your question may have already been answered..
There is a search box near the top of the screen:
Search the forum
Search the forum
search.png (3.83 KiB) Viewed 655 times
and on mobile
Search the forum on mobile
Search the forum on mobile
and there are similar topics listed at the bottom of the page that may be relevant to your Citroen C3 question.

Also read 'Which section should I post my question in?'

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