Fault Codes

Fault Codes are stored in the Citroen C3 ECU memory when faults are detected. The Engine management (MIL) may be illuminated to warn you of code detected and stored. To read the codes use a Lexia/Diagbox setup connected to the OBD port Knowing the Error Code can help diagnose the fault. Not all faults stored give driving concerns or MIL illumination. Only Lexia/Diagbox can read all the possible codes saved. Generic OBD scanners can fail to read most manufacturer specific codes, correctly.
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  • EP6C Fault Codes
    The EP6C Engine is a 1.6 Litre, fuel injected and naturally aspirated engine. Fitted to the Citroen C3 2009–2014 and the C3 Picasso in the years 2009–2017. The Error Codes are relevant to the Engine EP6C (BOSCH MEV 17.4.2) branch 2 only.

    EP6C is also known as the PSA Prince engine and
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