Flair, 1.2 Turbo Charged 110ps EAT6 auto: a quick review

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My Name: Hatch Man

Posts: 5
Joined: Tue Jul 10, 2018 7:40 pm
Model: C3 2017-on. The new C3
Year: 2018 (18)
Engine Size: 1.2
Fuel Type: Petrol
Mileage: 15000
Trim Level: Flair
Gearbox: Automatic PRND
Engine name: EB2DT-EB2ADT PureTech 3-Cylinder (110 PS)
Location: North Essex, UK
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Citroen C3 Flair, 1.2 Turbo Charged 110ps EAT6 auto: a quick review

Hi folks, I'm still new here and haven't posted for a while. I did say in one of my original posts that I'd post back with further information on what I thought about my brand new C3 Flair that I bought in Aug 2018. Yeah, I know, it really has been a while. I wanted to do this and post in this section because I thought it might just be helpful to prospective buyers. Sorry if it's not the right section to post this in. So everything below is based upon my real experience with the car during this time.

General Observations
So I'll start off by saying I've found it to be a great car. I've covered 15,000 miles at this time. Not a huge mileage but still enough to form a good opinion about the car. My mileage is lowish, due in part to Covid 19. It's spent a lot of time parked on my drive or in my garage rather than driving as normal on the road this last year. Normally I'd have covered more than 22,000 miles by now. However, the car has given no trouble at all except for slightly noisy front suspension bushes at 10,000 miles (creaky squeaky noises). This was sorted out under warranty and took just an hour to fix. No issues since. In fact after years and years of buying new VAG group cars of all sizes and makes where I experienced constant issues with engines, gearboxes, electrical issues etc that even caused me to reject a car, it's been very nice indeed to have this new Citroen that has given no such issues or problems. I'd almost lost faith in car manufacturers to make a good car until I got this Citroen. My dealer is brilliant too! I must admit I was and continue to be surprised at how good the car is. While I was a VAG German car fanatic for many years I had the blinkers on regarding looking at other car brands. I regret that now. Got to say the build quality of the car is pretty good and the car has remained quiet and almost totally free of rattles inside. The finish of the car is also very very good.

Comfort and Convenience
My wife and I both drive it and find it really comfortable, even on long trips with the seats offering good support and adjustment for most sizes of folks. I'm not sure how Citroen do it as the seats don't look anything special. However, they are really comfortable.

Storage space in the car is average. It could be better in the glove box department. Because the fuse box is mounted inside the glove box area it detracts from storage in that area. It's one of the downsides of converting a left hand drive car to right hand drive for the UK market, and not moving the fuse box to match! But it's not a deal breaker for most folks and you get used to that pretty quickly. The boot space is pretty big for it's class, not the biggest but bigger than most and bigger than the Fiesta and some other market leaders.

And again regarding comfort, this brings me to the next point concerning the cars suspension. The new C3's have very compliant suspension. Some say soft. But whatever you call it, it's very good. My home town has a couple of level crossings which in my previous cars used to shake our teeth out (no I don't have false teeth either!). It would be a bone jarring experience, as would hitting a pothole. No such issues in the C3. In fact you barely know you have crossed the level crossing! Yet, spirited driving on country roads is no problem and body roll is subdued when pressing on. Handling is ok, not totally sporty of course, but ok and fine for most folks as is roadholding.

Engine, Automatic Gearbox and Economy
These are the very big plus areas for the car. The 1.2 Turbo charged petrol engine is sweet. Very smooth, powerful and with lots of torque. In fact 205nm of torque at 1500rpm. It actually goes much like a 2.0 ltr engine bettering my 2,0ltr VW Passat which had 115hp and 175nm of torque at 4,800rpm. So this Citroen 1.2 Puretech petrol engine is very much a class leader even now. This engine has repeatedly won the engine of the year award in Europe for being a strong reliable economical unit. It has no problems unlike many of the VAG group engines. Couple this with the 6 speed auto box and you get a very nice reliable package. I would mention the car has a Petrol Particulate Filter to comply with Euro 6.2 and later emission regs. This has given no issues at all and is not to be compared to Diesel Particulate Filters fitted to diesel cars. No comparison between the two. Going into London each day for a one month period produced variable fuel economy of up to 70mpg on some days, but never less than 58mpg. Just depended on the traffic condition on the A12. The EAT6 auto box is a robust torque converter box. It's small and light in construction and very efficient compared to torque converter auto boxes of years gone by. I wanted to get a car with a torque converter auto box instead of the DSG/DCT type of dual clutch auto box fitted to German cars and other makes. I had repeated problems with that type of gearbox and their clutches and these generally are not as reliable, especially over big mileages compared to torque converter boxes. In fact, Citroen and Peugeot deliberately didn't want to use DSG/DCT boxes for those reasons and settled on the Aisin EAT6 which was developed especially for them. It's a generally smooth gearbox especially when the oil is warmed up. When cold you do notice a slight jolt from first to second but it's in your hands as to how much of a jolt you get. Hard acceleration from cold is quite smooth as is gently acceleration. But midrange it is a little jerky from one to two. As said, when hot it's near to DSG type smoothness, you just don't notice it change a lot of the time. Sport mode is brilliant and engaging, as it manual changing. So no issues with the gearbox, it's fun to use.

Onboard Tech
There is no doubt the onboard tech is as good as any out there. In fact I doubt I could have done without it at one point, during which time I was commuting daily into unknown areas of London. The car is of course Android Auto compatible (it also take the Apple iphones too). I plug my phone into the car and use it all the time through Android hands free for phone calls, texting, navigation, music and other information and services. I confess to finding this far superior to the built in sat nav. Android also has real time traffic updates and speed camera notifications. So using my phone to unlock speech control of many features, including navigation is great. Oh, the other thing is the built in Dash Cam! This is a great feature. The car is blue tooth enabled of course, but also produces it own Wi-fi and you can use this to connect to your phone and download what the camera has filmed. It also takes snap shots of what's on the road ahead if you require it and you can text these snaps to folks. I find this really good. Loads of other tech onboard but too much of it to tell you about here. But it's all useful and good!

So overall my assessment of the new C3's is that it's a brilliant car. It's not perfect for everyone of course, no car is. But it's a great all rounder and mine has been totally dependable and reliable. Service costs are reasonable. The car looks pretty good too! I love it.

I'd finish off by saying I'm a fussy bugger when it comes to cars! I'm very car orientated as cars are important in my life. A good car is essential for my wife and I. This Citroen C3 fits the bill for us. For anyone wondering about buying one I'd say you can't go wrong. Good luck everyone!
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