Home EV Charger install 7.4kW

Getting a car charger at home

Having a plug-in car wall box charger installed at home makes driving your electric car much more flexible. Charging at home can ensure the car is at 100% before setting off on your journey. You could even avoid having to make any scheduled charging stops. Just having a fully topped up battery each day gives your the peace of mind there is plenty of charge available to you. No one want's to run out of charge or even just get the low battery warning.

Charging at home gives you peace of mind.


Finding a simple and reliable in-home EV charging point supplier can be challenging. Too many technical questions, jargon, restrictive appointment times, long waits for the equipment and high prices can all conspire to put you off getting a home charger.

Easy Route

There is an easy route to getting the charging point installed at home and this is from Go Zero Chargers where you can get the latest in EV charging tech - rated 4.7/5.0 on Trustpilot.

Go Zero supply the best quality chargers at mid point pricing giving you great value for money.

On Site Survey

The fixed price at £799, comes with a free, no obligation, on site physical survey. This step is important to ensure the site is suitable for at home car charging. The engineer will survey the electrical supply and suggest a suitable location to site the charge point. The Go Zero charge point comes complete with a 5 meter tethered charge lead. This lead is included in the price, that is often charged as an expensive extra with other installers. Having such a long lead opens up the possible locations for installing the in home charge point that can still reach the car. No one likes the AM/PM time slots, so Go Zero have 2 hour bookable slots for the Installation surveys to save you wasted time.

Upon a successful survey and purchase of the charger you have the option to use a 'Go Zero' approved installer or use the survey to choose your own. Using an approved Go Zero installer gives you 7 days a week installation option.

What's Included

The Optimus is a 7.4kW wall box home EV charger. A fixed, ultra flexible 5m cable is attached to the Optimus. Free Engineer visit site survey with no obligation quote to install. No earth rod is needed. 3 years comprehensive warranty.

A 7.5m long charging cable is available at extra cost should it be necessary for the very few extended installs. The survey engineer can advise you on this.


With the Go Zero at-home car charger installed you can charge your car at home. The app integration means you get advanced options to set charging times and control from home. Match your car charging to the lower rate energy supply using the app. Ask Alexa about the charger, it is all possible with the Go Zero charger.

Guests Charging

Using the guest charging facility in the app makes it possible to set tariffs for guests using your charger. The app is where you can set your own pricing (per kWh). This is ideal for those that use the 'Park on my Drive' service to rent their unused parking spaces. Electric car charging units are also a consideration for Air BnB's, verbos, small hotels, pubs and offices. As electric car charging becomes more important having a car charging point is a prominent selling point. Whether you set the tariff to match your costs, provide a subsidy or make a profit, an at home EV wall charger will become more important as more electric vehicles appear on the roads.

Go Zero make the installation process as simple as possible. Check your vehicle compatibility here.

7.4kW EV Home Charge

7.4kW is the common single phase charger for at home use. The 32A (7.4kW) is similar to a ring main or electric shower. Suitable for most home electricity supplies because the 7.4kW will use a 32A circuit. No modifications are usually required to the incoming 100A supply for the EV home slow-charger.

This slow charging is best for preserving battery longevity and ideal for an overnight charge. A typical 7.4kW charge is 9 hours, but this will all depend on the battery capacity and how much charge it needs. The Optimus smart charger won't overcharge or waste electricity while charging the car batteries. It has an internal computer control to optimally charge the batteries. With the alexa integration and dedicated app means you can monitor the charging progress from the comfort of your home.

Visit Go Zero for your at-home EV charger needs, now.

EV Home Charging App

The Optimus install comes with its own app. From this you can control the charger and its functions. These options include setting schedules for charging, administer the guest charging with tariff and staying in control of the charging costs.

Schedule charging times

Implementing a charging schedule allows you to take advantage of lower tariff charging times. With greater access to smart meters, apps like Agile can help save money by charging at home on the off peak and avoid the higher rate electricity costs. The app gives you the tools to make better use of your solar/battery combination that suits your particular configuration.

Schedule charging times

Keeping control of costs. The app will monitor how much electricity the car charging has used in pounds and pence. No nasty surprises added to your energy bill. The information is updated in real time.

Schedule charging times

Cost trend analysis on the energy used to charge your car at home is part of the app. Use this information to manage the cost and how you manage the energy tariff and solar panel battery usage. Click here to get the latest in EV charging tech - rated 4.7/5.0 on Trustpilot.