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About Me


Hey there, fellow gearheads and automotive maintenance experts!
You can call me ArfurDent around these parts of the citroenC3owners.com forum - yeah, that's my cool nickname!
I've been into computers for ages as a hobby and a job. And guess what? That tech-savvy totally comes in handy when dealing with the wild world of car electronics! Those modern rides are packed with all sorts of computers (ECUs), and having the brain of a computer whiz helps me decode the mysteries of the Citroen C3 BUS and ECUs.

Back in the day, all those years ago, I teamed up with the awesome C3CAR and the rad C3DRIVER52 to form the Citroen C3 dream team. We noticed we were sharing all sorts of info about the faults and issues we encountered with our trusty Citroen C3 models. So, we thought, "Hey, why not spread the wisdom and help others too?" And that's how our awesome forum was born!

My own C3 is a gem from 2002 with a snappy 1.4 16V HDi engine. You know what's even sassier? Knowing all the common problems and clever fixes to keep this baby cruising without draining our wallets with repair bills!

I've got some solid connections who have the inside scoop and are kind enough to share it. And you know what? I'm all about giving back! That's why I chip in as a moderator to keep this forum running smoothly like a well-tuned engine.
So, if you're all about the Citroen C3 life, looking for tips, or want to hang out with fellow car lovers, you're in the right place! Buckle up and join the ride - we'll have a blast at
citroenC3owners forum