2009 - 2016 Second Generation Exterior options

2010 brought the Citroen C3 its second generation. A new, larger body style with a restyled interior departs from the original 2002 design. This model was current up till 2013 where it was give its facelift.

Engines inclued with the second generation are those from the first generation but added the BMW 'Prince' E..

Designations used to identify the 2009 version of the Citroen C3 are SC, A51 and 'The Visiospace' from its advertising slogan at the time.
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Model: C3 2002-2005, Original shape model
Year: 2002 (02)
Engine Size: NA
Fuel Type: Petrol
Mileage: 80000
Trim Level: Stop & Start
Gearbox: Manual 5 speed
Engine name: BlueHDi (100 PS)


2010 Citroen C3 exterior
2010 Citroen C3 exterior
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Citroen C3 SC/A51 Second Generation Exterior options

The new Citroen C3 has a feature called Visiodrive. The large panoramic Zenith windscreen creates a new feature and gives even the rear passengers a better view of the outside. The upper part of the Zenith is dark-tinted to avoid being dazzled by the sunlight.

Citroen C3 Zenith windscreen
Citroen C3 Zenith windscreen
citroen_c3_visiospace_windscreen.webp (14.5 KiB) Viewed 94 times

Zenith windscreen

View through the zenith windscreen
View through the zenith windscreen
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The panoramic Zenith windscreen is 36% bigger than average 5-door small cars.

Paint Options

Citroen C3 A51 SC 2010 colours
Citroen C3 A51 SC 2010 colours
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Choose various colours and finishes to match your style with this versatile designer car.
  • Botticelli Blue (Exclusive Only)
  • Polar White
  • Citrus Green (pearlescent)
  • Wicked Red (pearlescent)
  • Obsidian Black (pearlescent)
  • Belle Ile Blue (metallic)
  • Arctic Steel (metallic)
  • Thorium Grey (metallic)
  • Manitoba Grey (metallic)
  • Mativoire Beige (metallic)

The exterior paint options for the SC second generation 2010 Citroen C3 contained 10 possibilities, including metallic and pearlescent finishes.

Styling Options

Styling VT VTR+ Airdream+ Exclusive
Body colour painted front bumper with chrome insert X
Chrome door handles X
Body colour painted door mirrors with chrome base X
Chrome window trims X X X
Chrome insert on tailgate X
Dark tinted rear windows X


Citroen C3 A51 SC 2010 Wheels
Citroen C3 A51 SC 2010 Wheels
citroen_c3_a51_second_generation_2010_wheels.webp (14.09 KiB) Viewed 87 times

Upgrade Options

Visibility Pack

The Visibility Pack features automatic rain-sensitive windscreen wipers, automatic illumination of headlamps and an electrochromic rearview mirror highlighted with LEDs.

Rear Parking Sensors

With the rear parking sensors, the audible warning increases in frequency the nearer you get to an obstacle making it a breeze to park in the tightest of spaces.

Roof bars, roof boxes, ski carriers and bicycle carriers

  • Traversing roof bars can be used with:
  • Citroen roof boxes are available in 280 or 340-litre capacities.
  • Citroen bicycle carriers; additional fixings may be required.


Fixed swan neck towbars are available, along with demountable tow balls.


Citroen C3 SC/A51 2010 Dimensions
Citroen C3 SC/A51 2010 Dimensions
citroen_c3_sc_a51_external_dimensions_.webp (18.58 KiB) Viewed 88 times

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