Picasso 2008 - 2012 Glossary

The Citroen C3 Picasso is a five-door mini MPV design, first unveiled in 2008 and produced in this form until 2012 when a facelift model became the latest version produced by Citroen.


Citroen C3 Picasso 2008 Glossary of terms

The C3 Picasso is packed with technology and it comes with new names and acronyms that need explanation.

High-pressure direct injection diesel engine

Citroën’s HDi diesel engines operate with the fuel under extremely high pressure, enabling microscopically precise injection control. With this management level, injecting at different times during the same engine stroke allows total control over the combustion process. This has allowed our engineers to reduce carbon monoxide emissions by 40%, unburned hydrocarbons by 50% and engine particulates by 60%. Fuel consumption is 20% lower than a pre-chamber diesel engine, resulting in an equivalent reduction in CO2 emissions, and thanks to the torque available at low engine speed, it could be argued that driveability is now better than in petrol-engined cars.

Anti-lock braking system (ABS)

Computer-controlled braking assistance prevents the wheels from locking under extreme braking, enabling the car to continue being steered and controlled during this braking incident. The Citroen C3’s ABS is further enhanced with EBA and EBD.

Electronic brakeforce distribution (EBD)

A conventional ABS cannot account for any of the four wheels wanting to lock more quickly than the others (for example, two of the wheels may be on snow and two on the tarmac). EBD reads the deceleration rate of each wheel individually and applies the ABS principles accordingly.

Emergency braking assistance (EBA)

As drivers, we find it difficult to brake very hard instinctively, which is often needed in those rare emergencies. The EBA system recognises our ‘attempt’ to brake hard and, in combination with the ABS and EBD systems, instantly applies the maximum stopping power possible.

Electronic stability program (ESP)

This is computer-controlled traction assistance and is provided primarily through braking systems. The ESP’s control unit constantly compares where the driver intends to go (through the position of the steering wheel) with where the vehicle is going and, if necessary, makes speed corrections to each wheel individually through braking or engine torque to keep the vehicle ‘in line’.

On-board trip computer

The Citroën C3’s multi-function on-board trip computer provides you with information at your fingertips. At the touch of a button, you can view a range of data like fuel consumption, average speed and mileage possible at your current fuel level.

Radio data system (RDS)

Traffic information on FM radio allows the station name and other information to be transmitted alongside audio information.

eMYWAY Satellite Navigation System

The eMyWay satellite navigation system features a 7” screen and covers UK and Europe. Its in-built memory provides information about speed limits and lets you know which lane to use when reaching complex intersections. The system also lets you adapt your route based on traffic conditions, with data provided by Trafficmaster and ViaMichelin in the UK and France.

Variable power assisted steering

A system that provides extra power assistance for a vehicle’s steering at low speeds (such as turning a sharp corner) and less assistance during high-speed steering situations.

Front seat belt pre-tensioners

In a crash, a pre-tensioner will tighten the seat belt almost instantaneously, reducing the load on the occupant in a violent crash. Like airbags, pre-tensioners are triggered by sensors in the car’s body and use explosively expanding gas to drive a piston that retracts the belt. Seat belt pre-tensioners also lower the risk of “submarining” when a passenger slides forward under a loosely worn seat belt.


A standardised and more straightforward method for installing child seats, each seat is ‘clicked’ into place via a three-point system. On the Citroen C3, Isofix is installed on the outer rear seats.
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