1998 - 1999 Concept Car

The 1998 Citroen C3 concept car was called Lumiere and was designed to show that Citroen can build exciting and unusual vehicles.
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Citroen C3 concept car - prototype
Citroen C3 concept car - prototype

1998 Citroen C3 Lumiere Concept

The Lumiere is well documented over at citroenet.org.

The Citroen C3 concept car has some very close styling cues found in the production models from 2002. One noticeable departure from the concept car is the suicide doors, and these suicide doors are purposefully unconventional and were omitted from the production and replaced with the traditional door configuration.


More than just a concept car, it is also called a prototype because it was made into a fully functioning car. Citroen produced the Lumiere, and the video shows it being driven and reviewed at the 100th Paris Motorshow by Men&Motors. The Lumiere project evolved into a model that would benefit from mass production and was named the Citroen C3 (first generation).

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